I’ve Gone Public…

After one year of waiting, I am officially announcing my decision to become a living kidney donor for my mom. At first I wanted to keep the surgery quiet because I don’t want the attention turned to me for “doing such a good thing.” My intention of sharing is to bring awareness to the shortage of organs in America. This is a problem that is preventable through education and by making an easy decision to donate your organs after your death.

I realize that it takes a certain flavor of crazy to take a perfectly healthy body and take out a vital organ to give to someone else. I don’t expect for others to make the same decision as me, but I hope that my experience will encourage others to consider the gift of life through organ donation, especially after you pass away. It is the only gift that you can give after you are gone that keeps on giving. Don’t take your organs to heaven; heaven knows we need them here!

To become an organ donor, register online here. More importantly, tell your family your wishes so that after you have passed your family will know your wishes.

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