Statistically Speaking…

As of today, there are 121,366 people waiting for organ transplants in the U.S. Each day, 79 people receive an organ from a donor (living and deceased) while 18 more die each day. There is a major shortage of organs and this is totally preventable.

Some people are waiting for more than just good coffee.

“Some people are waiting for more than just good coffee.”

One person can save up to eight lives by choosing to be an organ donor upon their passing. Plus, they can greatly improve the lives of others through cornea and tissue donation.

Anyone, regardless of age, race, medical conditions can sign up to be an organ donor. Almost all major religions are supportive of donation. There are no costs to your family for you to become a donor.

Being an organ donor will not alter the course of treatment you will receive if you find yourself in need of emergency care – there are two completely different teams that would first treat you for your injuries and secondarily procure your organs after you are declared brain dead. It is a complete fallacy that you will be allowed to die for your organs.

There are also a number of organs that can be donated by a living donor to a family or friend in need such as a kidney, segment of a liver, lobe of a lung, and a portion of an intestine or pancreas.

Organ donation has been something that is very close to my heart since I was a child because of my family’s experience with transplants. Sign up to be an organ donor today and become someone’s hero!


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