A Journey 60 Years in the Making

I wrote this Monday but didn’t get around to posting it…

Today is my birthday! And if that isn’t great enough, tomorrow is our transplant. I have to admit that I am excited for the surgery, mostly so that it is over. I’m ready to stop being anxious and start getting better.

I thought I would post today about what I feel is the most moving part of this transplant story. It happened when I was considering writing this blog. I was doing some research for this blog when I came across the story of the first ever successful kidney transplant. I actually found a picture on Pinterest of all places (Google Images is quite intimidating when you are typing in surgical search terms – so I try to avoid it) of the set of identical twins who were the first successful living kidney donor and recipient. The amazing thing is their surgery date was March 4, 1954-exactly sixty years to the date of my mom and my transplant. The random date I picked to coincide with my dads work schedule turns out to be the day God has planned for us all along. We call that a “God wink” in our family because it seems so good and is so reassuring that it must be from God.

I have faith in this surgery going well and I am calm. I am so calm that I have the peace that surpasses all understanding. That’s a God thing.

We had a wonderful weekend with out family, going to brunch, The Desert Botanical Gardens, a Diamondback Spring Training game (they lost), and dinner and a movie. We are all hanging in there and trying to keep our minds occupied until tomorrow.

I’ll keep you posted about the surgery tomorrow!



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